View Your Accompany Data

To view your Accompany data:

  • Find the zip file on your computer (usually in the Downloads folder). It will have a name like accompany-export-20200129. If necessary, expand the zip file to expand its contents, then open the folder.
  • The folder will have at least 3 of the following files:
    • contacts.vcf (always included): this is a vCard file of all of your contacts. It can be imported to your Contacts app of choice (Google Contacts, Contacts app on Mac OS X, Outlook, etc.). The vCard file also contains all notes, interests, and insights you've added about a contact. 
    • contacts.csv (always included): this is an abbreviated version of the contacts.json file in spreadsheet format. You can open this file in Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets.
      • The CSV file contains a list of all of your contacts along with information such as their familiarity score, email address(es), and contact importance.
      • You can use the unique contact ID in the first column to look in the contacts.json file (see below) for other information you may have entered on the contact, such as family, pets, or "how we met."
    • contacts.json (always included): this is a JSON file with additional information about your contacts, such as when they were created and updated. It also includes information you entered about a contact's interests, family, "how we met," and any insights you've added about the contact.
    • notes.json (included if you created any meeting notes): this is a text output of all of your meeting notes. It includes note text, date/time updated, and image file names if any exist (see below).
    • notes folder (included if you added any images to meeting notes): this folder contains JPG images that you added to notes. 

You can view JSON files using any text editor such as Textedit, Microsoft Word, Sublime Text or Google Docs. We recommend using a Word or line/page Wrap option to view JSON, since lines of JSON can be on the longer side. You can also use converters such as this one to convert JSON to a CSV format.

Note that other features of Accompany (e.g. calendar meetings) are not included in your export, as they are sourced directly from your calendar service (Google, Office365, etc.) and are not modified by Accompany.

Learn more about the Accompany shutdown here.

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