About Accompany for Gmail

Accompany for Gmail pulls information from all over the web to give you background information on everyone in your inbox. Everything you need to know about the sender appears right next to their message. 

Once you install Accompany for Gmail and sign in, Accompany for Gmail will load automatically whenever you view a message in Gmail and display info on the sender and their company. We'll display links to their profile on the Accompany web app, social links to other profiles, and recent news as well as a profile of their current company.

Accompany for Gmail is currently available for Chrome on Mac, Linux and Windows.


For emails with multiple people cc'd, simply hover over each recipient's name or select them from the drop-down menu to view their information. If the sender is a generic inbox (e.g. support@company.com), Accompany for Gmail will show information about the company instead.


We need your feedback to improve Accompany for Gmail! Towards the bottom of the pane, you'll see a feedback button. If Accompany for Gmail can't find any information on the person sending you email, you'll see a prompt for us to fetch info on the person. 


If you spot any conflicts with other Chrome or Gmail extensions, let us know

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