Suggest Edits to Contact Profiles

Anything amiss with a Contact's Professional Summary? Do we have a blurry photo, out of date info, or an incorrect headline? Let us know!


  1. On a Contact's profile page, click the More Menu (. . .)
  2. Choose "Suggest an Edit"
  3. Flag fields you want the Accompany team to edit
  4. Tell us what's wrong with each item—be specific!



  1. Tap the More menu in the upper right corner of the contact profile (. . .)
  2. Flag incorrect information and tap "Submit"
  3. An email will appear in the Mail app (iOS) where you can give us more info on why you flagged individual items


Edits to Contact profiles are reviewed by humans and usually processed within 1-2 business days.

Thank you for helping us improve!

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