Customize Email Briefings

You can customize the content and delivery options of the Email Briefings that Accompany sends you. 

On iOS, head to Me > Settings, then choose Email Notifications. Here, you can customize the briefing time (morning of or night before) and whether you want briefings on detected contacts or not. 


On iOS, Accompany automatically detects the timezone from your device and uses it for briefings. If you're not on our iOS app, we currently default briefings to Pacific Time. Get in touch if you need to change your timezone.

You can also choose whether to include these sections in your Email Briefings:

  • Recent emails
  • Meeting history
  • Recent social posts from Twitter
  • Interests and Insights you have added to the Contact

Detected contacts are contacts who are mentioned in the meeting invitation but are not meeting invitees.

On web, head to Settings to customize email briefings.


Changes you make to these settings are saved automatically.

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