Email or Meeting History is Missing

Accompany displays email and meeting history for Contacts if you grant access to mail and calendars. If any information is missing, try these troubleshooting steps:

  1. Ensure accounts are connected. If an account has expired, Accompany can no longer connect to it to get up-to-date calendar and email information. Check Settings.
  2. Check email permissions. In the past, Accompany didn't ask for email read permissions; if that's the case with your account, they'll need to be explicitly enabled. Head to More > Settings in iOS or the Accounts and Devices page on web to grant these additional permissions. 
  3. Connect additional accounts. If Accompany doesn't have access to a given account, we won't be able to display email or meeting history. Example: if you email Jane using a personal email but only have a work email connected, we won't display messages from her.
  4. Sync window. Accompany syncs with email and calendar regularly, but it may take a few hours for recent emails or meetings to appear. 

Email or meeting history is still missing? Let us know!

NoteAccompany does not store emails and instead queries your email provider directly. The retrieval process can take a few moments, depending on your provider and connection quality.

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