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Accompany sends you regular Briefings about your Contacts so you can walk into any meeting prepared. Briefings contain useful information about your Contacts' background, their current and past roles, and the latest news about them and their current company.



Briefings FAQ

When will I get Briefings?

Briefings are designed to deliver critical information about unfamiliar contacts that you’re meeting with—you’ll get a Briefing delivered whenever you schedule meetings with unfamiliar people in your calendar. This means that if you’re meeting with someone you work with or someone you’re already in touch with regularly, you won’t get a Briefing for that person. Our systems are able to intelligently detect who you need info about and who you don’t, so you only get the most mission-critical relationship intelligence in your inbox.

I have a meeting with someone new, so why didn’t I get a Briefing?

Accompany makes every effort to respect your inbox—if we don’t have high quality data about someone you’re meeting with, we won’t send you a Briefing about them. That said, you can always go to your Accompany calendar to see all the data we have about anyone you’re meeting with, including already-familiar contacts and companies to know exactly who you’re meeting with at any time.

Why am I getting briefings for people who weren’t invited to my meeting?

Sometimes Accompany will detect names in your event title or description that weren’t in the invitee list—whenever our system is confident enough, it will mark them out as a “Detected Contact” in the event. Our system will not send invites for the event without your say-so; we only deliver intelligence to you about people who we think might be relevant to your meeting.

Can I customize my Briefings?

Yes! You can customize the content and delivery options for all of your Briefings at any time. Specifically, you can customize the briefing time to get sent to you on the morning of your meeting or the night before. You can also choose whether to include these sections in your Email Briefings:

  •      Recent emails
  •      Meeting history
  •      Recent social posts from Twitter
  •      Interests and Insights you have added to your Contact
  •      Detected contacts—contacts whose names appear in the meeting description but are not meeting invitees.

All of these changes can be made in the Settings section of both our web and iOS apps and will translate immediately across all your devices.

Why am I being briefed on people who aren’t relevant to me?

Accompany’s contact intelligence does its best to figure out who sits at the crossroads of who’s important to you and who’s unfamiliar to you. Sometimes, our AI judgments miss the mark and tell you about someone who isn’t relevant, or someone you already know well. When this happens, you can reply to any of our briefing emails to let us know! We’ll be happy to fix up any errors that you find, or listen to any feedback you have about our briefings.

What email address will you send my briefings to?

We will send your Briefings to whatever email you have marked as your primary email in Accompany settings. Usually this is the same email that you used to sign up, but if you have multiple accounts connected to Accompany you can change which email address is set to primary by going to https://app.accompany.com/a/settings/accounts and selecting the account where you would like to receive your Briefings.

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