Company profiles

Company News

When you load a Company, you'll see Company News—the latest information about that Company from the web. Swipe left to right to view more stories. Above each story will be the name of the publication or source where the story was published.




View a Company's Executives, Board, and People You Know at the Company

When viewing a Company's profile, scroll down to view the company's executives, board members, and advisors. Swipe right to view your Contacts connected to that Company now or in the past.


From these views, you can tap each person's photo to view their Professional Summary.

Research a Company's funding history

If the information is available, you can view a Company’s funding history. Funding History is organized by series, and displays the date, firms involved, and capital invested (if known).

Swipe up and down to see more information.


You can also see a Company's Stock Performance and Market Cap. 


If you scroll down further, you can view the Company's Profit & Revenue and Analyst Consensus.


View a Company's acquisitions and related companies

You can also view recent acquisitions the Company has made. If the information is available, Accompany shows the acquired company’s name, the date of the acquisition, and the purchase price. Tap any acquisition to search for news about the acquisition.

Swipe left to see additional acquisitions.


If you scroll further, you can view related companies.


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