Calendar Now View

Accompany highlights your upcoming meetings in the Now view of the Calendar so that you can easily get directions, dial in with one touch, or let attendees know you're running late.


During a 60 minute window around the meeting's start time, you'll see the Map, Call, and Late buttons appear. These buttons will only appear if the meeting's location, dialin information, or your Contact's phone number are available.

Meeting Location

If an address is provided, tap the Map button to open the map application of your choice (Google Maps or Waze, depending on your preference and what you have installed). On the web, clicking a map will open the location in Google Maps.

Dialing in

If a dial-in number is provided, you can call in directly using Accompany when viewing the event on mobile. We'll fetch the number and ask you to confirm before placing the call. 

Running late (mobile only)

If you're running late for a meeting, don't worry—Accompany makes it easy to let other attendees know. Tap Late to send an SMS to meeting attendees to let them know. You can add or remove contacts and edit the message before you send it.


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