About Contacts

Contacts in Accompany are comprised of three parts: Profile, Email, and Notes.



Your Contact’s Profile shows their professional summary, including education and employment history. 

Tap the blue phone/mail button in the bottom right hand corner to reach your contact directly from the Profile or any other tab.



The Email section includes past email conversations with your Contact, as well as any previous and currently scheduled meetings.                      


In the Notes section, you can create a Meeting Note and tag a Contact to associate those notes with your Contact. You can also share Meeting Notes with the Contact tagged. Learn more about Meeting Notes here.

The Notes tab also includes data that you can customize, such as a "how we met" reminder, their email and phone, address, birthday, and nickname.

You can also add notes about your Contact's family—including pets!

Use the Interests section to quickly add reminders of common interests from our database.

Insights are great for anything you'd like to make a quick note of and see at a glance on that person's profile.

Interests and Insights will also appear in the Briefings you receive via email before a meeting, so any quick fact or tidbit that would be nice to remember beforehand are great additions to these sections.


Any data you enter in the Notes section is completely private to you, and is not visible to any other Accompany users.


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