Accompany is Loading Content Slowly

If it's taking a while for Accompany to load content such as professional summaries or email history, it can be a sign of network slowness on your mobile device. Here are some steps you can take to troubleshoot a slow phone network connection:

  1. Enable or disable wifi. Wi-fi is usually best for network speed and battery performance. However, if you're using Accompany on a shared wi-fi network with many other connected devices, it may be slower than 4G or LTE networks. Check both states to see which mode is fastest in your situation.

  2. Check other apps to see if they're hogging bandwidth. Is your phone running updates from the App Store or streaming the latest episode of Silicon Valley on HBO Now? If so, close those apps and reopen Accompany to see if that helps speed things up.

  3. Check Safari for uncached / live-updating pages. Similar to the above, if there are a ton of Safari pages open that are pulling down data, you may need to close them or Safari altogether.

  4. Still slow? Head to Speedtest on your device and send us the results!


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