Troubleshoot Calendar Issues

Here are some general troubleshooting tips for using Calendar in Accompany:

Calendar is incorrect / out of sync

  • Ensure all email accounts are connected in Settings (i.e. no accounts have expired)
  • On iOS, clear caches on your device from Me > Settings > Clear Caches
  • Still out of sync? Let us know!

Calendar is missing events

  • Ensure that calendars with events you want to view are toggled on from the drawer icon (found at top left when viewing the Calendar tab)
  • On iOS, clear caches on your device from Settings > Clear Caches

Calendar attendees do not appear or are incorrect

  • Check to ensure attendees are invited to the event
  • Contacts may be matched to the wrong person in our database. Let us know!

Calendar doesn't contain photos

  • Make sure the person is in your Outlook, Gmail, or device contacts
  • Accompany may not have enough data to match your contact to a person in our database. Give us a shout!

Calendar doesn't give me the option to call in

  • Check the formatting on the phone number. Is it missing an area or country code?
  • If not, please let us know! 

Calendar has duplicate events

  • Check to see if the event has a slightly different name or start time
  • Accompany should automatically merge duplicate events. If the event has the exact same title and time, please let us know! 

Shared Calendars do not appear

  • Be sure all email accounts are connected and in sync
  • Try enabling the calendar via Outlook or Google calendar, then clearing caches in Accompany (Me > Settings > Clear Caches)
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