Add, edit or delete a Contact

Adding Contacts

Contacts sync automatically from the device(s) and email accounts you connect to Accompany. While new Contacts can't be added directly in Accompany, you can edit information on people you find in our database to make them into a Contact. 

The easiest way to do this is to search for a person of interest to you, then adjust their importance using the importance slider on the bottom of their profile. You can also turn a person in our database into a contact by adding Notes on them or adding info such as their email address.

Editing Contacts

To edit Contact information, tap Edit in the right hand corner when viewing the Notes tab on a Contact.

Deleting contacts

To delete a Contact, swipe down to the bottom of the Profile tab. Here, you can Delete Contact or notify us that the Contact matched is the Wrong Person.


Note that deleting a Contact in Accompany will not delete the contact from the source from which it was originally imported (such as Google, Exchange or the iOS Contacts app).

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