View Contacts In Common

In Common appears on all Contact profiles when Accompany has enough data to show you suggestions. 

It can be helpful to know how we define "In Common." Since there’s no way for us to know every single connection that exists between your contacts, the In Common matching process currently uses these touchpoints:

  • Where your Contacts went to school, and when
  • Where your Contacts have worked, and when
  • Calendar events and email threads that all parties were involved in

So if two of your contacts were on a recent email chain together, or if they worked or went to school at the same place at the same time, we may display them as In Common suggestions. 

Note: In Common, like other features of Accompany, does not use data from LinkedIn. 

If you aren’t seeing an In Common suggestion for two people that you know went to school or worked together at the same time, Accompany may not have complete educational or employment history for one or both people—in which case, please let us know and we’ll be sure to get their information updated!

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