About Settings

The Settings menu is where you can add accounts, customize notifications, and configure various options in Accompany.


You can find the Settings menu on your phone by tapping the Me button at the bottom of your screen, then choosing Settings.


In Settings, you can connect additional emails or social accounts, edit your profile, send feedback, and choose what contacts you want to sync under Connected Accounts.

In General Settings, you can adjust your email and push notification preferences, as well as sort how your contacts appear in the app and the Accompany start screen (News or Calendar).


Beneath that, you can customize which Contacts you see News updates from in your feed. Tapping Muted Contacts allows you to select Contacts whose News you don't want to view, and Watchlist Contacts and Companies are ones you'd like to keep an eye on. You can also set your primary calendar or import information from another calendar.



Finally, you can also check out our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, and after scrolling to the bottom of Settings, you can Logout or Clear Caches (we may ask you to do this from time to time!).




On web, you can access Settings by clicking on your profile picture, then the Settings link. Or visit this link.


Here, you can connect additional email and social accounts, remove inactive or expired accounts, and reinstall Accompany on your device via SMS. You have many of the same options as on iOS above, and you can also view a list of Invites you've sent to Accompany and their status.

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