Compose a Note

Notes allow you to add a date-stamped note and easily find it later. You can link your notes to meetings and contacts to add context to your note.

Notes can be added in Calendar events, Contact or Company profiles.

You can add notes in several places:

  1. On a calendar event detail screen—use this for notes about the event.
  2. On a contact or company profile—use this for notes about the person or company.

To create a Note, tap Add Note. 

You can type notes or dictate them using your phone’s microphone feature. You can even take a photo to add to your note from inside the app!

Notes can be customized or shared using the buttons at the bottom of the note:

  • Tap the Person icon to tag the note for reference later.
  • Tap the Company icon to attach a Company to the note.
  • Tap the Forward icon to email the note directly to anyone.
  • Tap the Trash icon to delete the note.



When a Contact or Company is tagged in a note, it will show up in the Notes tab of that Contact or Company's profile. Notes entered on a meeting's detail page will automatically be associated with all meeting attendees.

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