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News + Social displays up-to-the-minute news about your professional network.


In order to access your updated News + Social digest on mobile, tap the News tab. Social updates will appear at the top, and news articles about your Contacts appear below.


In your News + Social digest, you can:

Tap a tweet to reply, retweet, or favorite it in Accompany


Preview articles (tap to view full articles)

Share articles via email, Facebook and Twitter


  • View links within tweets and articles in an embedded web browser, where you can also share via email and social
  • Adjust a contact's importance or mute contacts completely
  • Let us know that a contact was incorrectly matched to an article by tapping Wrong Person
  • Swipe right (not left!) on an article to remove it


On web, News + Social uses the full width of your web browser. On the left, tweets and news articles are interspersed. On the right, the full article text is displayed (news articles only).

Actions you can take:

  • Hover over a tweet to reply, retweet or favorite it
  • Click an article to display the full text
  • Share the article via email, Twitter and Facebook

News is sorted by importance. Articles may not be in chronological order.

How can I view news about myself?

News articles that mention your name should appear in your News + Social digest. You can also view articles about yourself by searching for your name in Contacts.

How often does News + Social refresh?

News + Social refreshes every minute. For more immediate refreshes, swipe down until you see the loading graphic.

How can I save a news article to read later?

You can share the article to your own email address, or use the built-in share popup to save to several services.

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