Sync Accounts to Accompany

Accompany can sync Contacts and Accounts from your instance. Once you link your Salesforce account with Accompany, we'll import your Accounts (Companies) and Contacts from Salesforce so that you can view news, receive briefings, and view detailed information in Accompany.

Set up syncing

To link a Salesforce account, head to Me > Settings > Add More Accounts on iOS or the Accounts page on our web app. 


Once you give Accompany permissions, we'll begin to import Accounts and Contacts from Salesforce. If we find a match, your contacts from Salesforce will merge with existing Contacts already imported from other sources such as Gmail, Office365 or Exchange. If we don't find a match, we'll create new Contacts in Accompany.

Accounts from Salesforce will update Companies you follow in Accompany.

Exporting to Salesforce

If you've entered information in Accompany or have found an interesting prospect, you can export the Contact to Salesforce for follow-up. To do so, choose the dots menu (...) when viewing a Contact on the web app, then choose Export to Salesforce.


When you export Contacts to Salesforce, Accompany updates those Contacts and any fields that already exist in the Salesforce version of the Contact, such as their phone and other contact information, as well as their company and title. If a Contact doesn't already exist in Salesforce, we'll create it for you.

While Accompany doesn't add any new fields to Salesforce, it will create or update any field that it is allowed to in your organization's Salesforce instance. 

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