Customize Accompany News Feeds

Adjusting Importance

If you want to get more or less news about a Company or Contact, you can adjust their importance.

On iOS, tap on any news article to load the article preview. Swipe down to the bottom of the page, and adjust the importance of the Contact or Company. You won't see any news for Muted Contacts or Companies, while Contacts or Companies on your Watchlist will send you a push notification when they make the news. Learn more about contact and company watchlists here.

On web, load any news article about a Contact or Company and scroll to the bottom of the article to adjust importance. 

You can also adjust importance whenever you view a Contact or Company on iOS or web. 

Sparse News Feeds

If your People or Company News is sparse, you can follow People and Companies of interest to augment your feeds. Search for anyone in our system that you'd be interested in seeing news on (influencers, politicians, celebrities, etc.). When viewing their profile, adjust their importance to High or Watchlist. Going forward, these people will appear in your news feed, as if they were your Contact. 👍

Company news on our web app is another great alternative for users with low 'person news' density. You can add several companies to your Watchlist that tend to be mentioned in articles you read.

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